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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Blog, Video

The Epic Heights of Hampshire

This particular mission took a bit of planning. I didn’t want to get in the way of public and their dogs or the RC glider club that flies from there, but I did want some video of the epic hills of Hampshire viewed from the highest place I can reasonably get.

3pm yesterday was the perfect time, I had deduced, and indeed there was no wind, only about 3 people and no flyers at all (I had hoped they’d be there on windier days, and perhaps not when there was none). There was a hang glider off the South West face, but I was miles away from him and a lot higher.

That is a very impressive mast they have up there. In bigness, if nothing else. It felt a little bit like all my piloting training had to come to this, and I had my own little Olympic ceremony moment, basking in the glory of all that I might achieve etc. I didn’t cry, or thank god, but did allow myself a small smile.

What followed was 50 minutes of the most enjoyable flight time I’ve ever had. Managed to pull of some reasonably heroic moves round the mast, and felt confident exploring the full range of my system. Return To Home kicked in once (turn on annotations if you want to see more about that) for reasons I am not sure of (it wasn’t THAT far away at the time).

We can (just about, if you squint) see the sea from here, and I’m going to use that as flimsy justification for why there are otherwise inexplicable sea noises all the way through the soundtrack. Later there’s a trough, and you can imagine they’re coming from that if you like. They’re down to sequencer kings Chicane, who are playing with some Clannad samples, and then some remix people (whose names I forget) are playing further with that. Thank you all though, it’s suitably epic, and the right length.

This really is the best flying site. Apart from the massive mast, there are no obstructions in any direction, and you are ludicrously high before you even get off the ground, so when you do go high over the hilltop, you’re getting all that extra height for free.

I need to come back and focus on each face of the hill – there’s some really interesting topology to explore. And of course do a dawn and dusk flight so clouds can be involved :)