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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Blog, Video

Petersfield Cricket Ground Aerial Panoramic

‘The Only Way Is Up’ warned 80’s pretend musicians Yazz and the Plastic Population in their horrible song of the same name. But I mean ‘up’ as in the sky, and it’s not the only way. Sometimes I am painfully reminded that there is ‘down’ too. But not today. Today it’s up all the way…

As I didn’t have any spare friends this evening, I thought I’d try a solo height challenge and some ‘quad-walking’. This video is about the first bit of that.

Deliberately chose launch sites right in the middle of trees, so that I become comfortable working very close to them, and become less paranoid that I will lodge my quadcopter in one, as happened with my original RC helicopter several hundred times.

But a quadcopter, especially my one, with its GPS / Naza Flight Controller, is not a little toy heli, and it has the sort of power and control that makes the fear of trees entirely unnecessary. Yes I don’t want to fly into them, or land in them, but there is now enough control to fly precisely between their marauding branches, or to fly so high that they and their craft-catching arms are tiny insignificant dots on the ground. More of that next time.

For now, let’s content ourselves with epic views of Petersfield Lake from nearly half a mile in the air, and enjoy the trees and stuff we pass to get there.

Sounds today borrowed from Wocjiech Kilar, and his wonderful Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula soundtrack. God knows who gets the copyrights for that – you can see why I’m confused. We’ll see who claims it.