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Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Blog, Video

The Winter Sea

7 miles by the sea

It’s pretty cold out, but almost no wind, a rarity on the coast, so straight out in it I went, armed with my trusty GoPro4, and its (fortunately) equally trusty waterproof case, this time mounted, pendulum-stylee on my GoPro pole, so we can capture a decent range of forward looking, side-on dolly shots, and have the additional freedom to turn the camera round mid run to see what the Airwheel is doing…

Slow-mo Wave Action

The main video above is my favourite of the day, even though I massively enjoyed the freedom of airwheeling such a consistently high quality surface for nearly 7 miles of seaside run. There is something about the interaction of water and light that I very much enjoy, and even moreso when I can slow it down to a quarter of its original speed.


I haven’t mentioned airwheel skills for a while, but this isn’t because they;re not improving – it’s because I barely need to think about any aspect of airwheeling any more. As I head for my 400th hour on the wheel, I’m able to ride on autopilot while focusing my attention on other things, whether that is filming with pole-cams, or just carry several bags of shopping home.

As the conditions were so good today, I went pretty much everywhere at top speed, and conquered some properly massive hills along the way, using the same slopes to recharge afterwards. So that’s all good then. Here’s a B-reel with some rewarding spinning time-lapses at the beginning.

Winter is coming…

I hear there is snow on the way, so might have to get an aerial rig ready to go…

See you then…