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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog, Video

Tide Lines and Sandcastles

Just got back from what can loosely be descibed as ‘work’ over on the Island of Jersey, where I was playing a client’s wedding. Took my faithful quad with me in case opportunity should present itself whilst I was there…

On the Saturday we had a day free, so straight down the beach for four or five 8 min flights, and we can all admire the beautiful coastline of St Helier. I thought that would be my flyings over, but no ! We had a couple of hours the morning after the gig too, so we took the coast road to Gorey, where they’ve got a suitably excellent castle. They’ve chosen to call it Gorey Castle.

It lies on a very steep cliff top with densely populated town on one side, sea on the other, and jagged rocks everywhere. It is what I would describe as a ‘level 3 flying challenge’, that is to say fairly bloody dangerous and high risk of ‘money intensive’ damage or even losing craft should anything go seriously wrong. This was compounded by monster wind, my previous inexperience with FPV flying and constant worry when flying over expensive, irreplaceble buildings, but if there was ever a place to man up and get on with it, it was here and now, so I donned my goggles, and went for it with the 2 batteries I had.

It was simultaneously the most terrifying and exhilerating thing I have ever done.

I think I can award myself a brave piloting medal and advance to the next level, which is doing much the same but faster, smoother and a lot closer.

Had to leave a lot of footage out, so will do a Part 2 video soon.

Soundtrack today kindly on loan from Metal-tastic riffmeisters In Flames, with their awesome track Cloud Connected, which you should buy if you like it, but not from iTunes. Give more money to the band by buying it literally anywhere else, and feel better for doing so.