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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Blog, Video

Tower View – Mini Scout Flight

Into the Blue, briefly.

It was lovely sunny afternoon, and I was down the South Coast with a flyer in the boot, Special Assistant M in the passenger seat, and not much wind on the anemometer.


Just the one, and nice and safely.

Right, I thought, let’s do an experimental fly of the very Southern-most bit of land I can reasonably get to. And that turns out to be the official end of the A3, where we have a large circular stone seating area in front of one of those Ye Olde Sailors-style pubs. To the South, away from that my launch area, is the sea, where I will spend most of this flight out of all harms way (except to my craft, should it all go horribly wrong).

Sky Towers

And in the distance, though closer than I have ever flown to it, is my old adversary the Spinnaker Tower, whose looks and height virtually demand that I try and film it from as close as possible whilst making the minimum amount of people cross whilst doing so. I have recc’ied this location before, when it was all but deserted. Today that was not the case.

Here’s a suitably micro-gallery…

Safety First

There were perhaps 70 people out on the pub patio, around 50 m away from where I planned to launch, and a few people a bit closer than that, and SA M was deployed to keep people away from me and my launch area, and be my spotter, although I didn’t technically need one, as I wasn’t doing any FPV – this one was all eyes-on, I assure you.

I tried initially to maintain something of a low profile, but it became apparent that as soon as I launched – all eyes were on me, and eagerly watching the progress of my flight, which, for ┬átheir own safety, consisted mainly of being out to sea, well out of their way. Maximum danger for me, minimum, or none for them.

I launched and landed in the safest spot furthest away from my attentive crowd, completed a single 4 minute flight, landed safely, collected their generous applause, and buggered off a bit sharpish.

Beautiful sun, fading shorelines and lustrous greens...

Beautiful sun, fading shorelines and lustrous greens…

The Needle Lies

Well, my anemometer said 5 mph on the ground, but at height, and unbeknownst to me beforehand, things were ┬ábit more blustery. This slightly ruined a couple of my winning shots with a bit too much shakiness for my liking, but I’d say I got something like 3 mins of footage for 4 mins airtime, so still not a bad ratio, though obviously not as good as the 1:1 of yesterday.


So – just one flight here, and then I went home (stuff to do). But I will be back. Because we’re filming at 60 FPS, I can slow alot of it down to half that, so we still get a pleasingly slow and graceful (if slightly short) flight.

Anyway – enjoy what we got – I did !