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Posted by on Aug 2, 2014 in Blog, Video

Town Glide

An early morning glide round a few towny bits and a few lakeside bits of Petersfield, Hampshire, UK on an Airwheel X5. Original sound from the GoPro3 black Edition, in its open-back case.


Quick skate round the church…

Mostly actual speed, occasionally 200% to get through the duller bits. And dull it can be, for it’s the whole 20 minute extended video version, whilst I play about with various pole-cam positions to try and find the ones that work best. I start off outside town, glide in, round the church, through the market, and back out to the lake, where I do a circuit and then back to the car.

Took about an hour in real time with stops.

Captured by a GoPro on a pole, which used to be a broom.

Also testing DeShake 3.0 running under VDub on the lake run, which worked really well, so did a separate speed-round of that…

Deshaking that is a tedious multi-stage process involving four separate apps / plugins, buggering about converting things to avi format and back again, and it takes properly ages to process video over 2 passes and 4 renders, otherwise I would have done the whole lot – its results are far superior to Youtube’s equivalent.

So enjoy that for the minute and a half I could be bothered to de-shake for you :)