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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013 in Blog, Video

Town Rise – Petersfield

To a small field in the middle…

…of Petersfield, the home town of me, and a fair few of you reading this, I’d bet. I don’t often venture right into the center of town, but this is the closest I’m safely going to get, and it’s an almost windless night, so let’s get in the air and see what’s what.


Now that’s what I call a sunset…

All About the Sky. And the Ground. And the Lake.

The sky is very much what’s what. I arrived with my good friend Rich just as golden hour kicked in, and wasted no time in strapping on an 8000 pack, and pushing some sky past that lens.

The sky was ablaze with high cirrus and various other noctilucent cloudforms, which only got better as the sun went down, until it was finally just a blazing orangey red on the horizon. Beautiful. Rich and I sat entranced. Rich more than me – I was trying to make sure the gimbal was aimed mostly at the right thing at the right time, and to not to fly into a tree.


And on the ground – people playing tennis, which I can replay in glorious slow-mo (!), some wonderful houses and gardens (which I tried my best not to get too close to), and of course our wonderful lake, which we see in a good few shots as we pan round the Petersfield townscape…


Now that’s what I call a lake…

How are you recording that then ?

The lens in question is, of course, the GoPro 3 Black edition, here recording 60 FPS, 1080P, and the gimbal that’s holding it, and isolating it from craft movement and vibration is producing usable for footage for 95% of time I am in the air.


The GoPro 3 ‘almost’ captures the full range of light levels going on, but gives up at the top end…

This really is unprecedented in my experience, and once more today I could have made 3 more  8 minute vids from the ‘great shots’ pile that I haven’t put in this one. Well done Aeroxcraft. I keep banging on about it, but I am really very pleased with the results it produces – saves my arse on windy days, gives me endless shots to choose from when the wind isn’t there – brilliant. Still the best £350 I ever spent.

I thought I’d have a go at some 3D video, so have allowed YouTube to do its thing. If it’s rubbish, I’ll take it straight off again, but I’d like to try it out on some aerial stuff – should work well on close passes especially.

The question remains ‘Who’s got the right glasses?’, but as long as the answer is ‘I have’, I’ll at least give it a go…

Climbs, pans, tilts and drops

Flying was interesting today – I had a relatively confined space to do it in, but lots of vertical height, and I’m doing it with a craft that I am now very comfortable with.

This gave me the confidence to do some nice little cinematic moves on occasions, even in relatively close proximity to buildings and people, and also do some close passes to trees, and when it was empty, the quiet road. Nobody needs to worry about their privacy – I both couldn’t and didn’t go close enough to any houses to see through windows, though I must confess to some 150 ft+ garden passes – they’re all so lovely !

Apologies to the 2 people who’s houses my craft did autonomously overfly during a ‘return to home’ manoeuvre. I was off by a couple of degrees in trajectory about the path it would take back to me.

He did what ?

For everyone whose house or garden is in this video, either  ‘Well Done, enjoy that’, or ‘Sorry about that’ depending on if you mind or not. I’m hoping you don’t. No doubt people that do will tell me.

Visibility all round was excellent, and at all heights, and there was no other air traffic at all in the entire session, so I was able to give it some decent height at the end :)

Yes, but show us the photos…

Alright – I’m getting to it. 2 galleries today – the sky in one, and everything else in the other. I may have enhanced these slightly to bring out their impressive characteristics, but haven’t added anything that wasn’t there – just tweaked levels down, sometimes quite a lot.

Gallery 1 – The Blazing Skies

Gallery 2 – The Ground Plane

Credit Control

Piloting by me, music by Moonbeatz (nightcall remix), sunset by the universe and time itself. Me powered by Earl Grey Tea.

See ya next time, folks…