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A multi-rotor, as you’d expect, is very much like a normal RC helicopter, except with more motors and propellers, which help provide a more stable platform for filming. This was mine, about 3 months after I started.


AC1 V2.1, custom DJI F450 Quadcopter

But these days, having gone through a series of revisions, upgrades and improvements, it looks more like this…

AC1 V5

AC1 V5

Aerocam is a UK based, independent aerial photography project led by me, UAV pilot and long-term aerial photography enthusiast Jay Wood. Hello.

My main focus is ‘nature from above’, and I will be doing my best to capture the most beautiful bits of it and to share them all with everyone via YouTube videos as often as I am able.  But a multi-rotor like mine  has many more applications than just that…

The key advantage provided by using a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or similar to film an event or survey an area is that they can access areas that nothing else can, and are very much more practical and faster to deploy than a full size helicopter, which are often prohibitively expensive for all but the largest and most well funded events.

The platform is capable of exceptionally stable hover, precise manoeuvrability,  yet can pursue a target at up to 50 miles per hour when speed is required. Range varies according to environment but can be in excess of 2 miles.

There really are more uses for a hexacopter than you’d first think. Here’s a few.

 Commercial  / Promotion

  • Aerial roof surveys
  • Lake bed / reed bank surveying
  • Architectural / maintenance surveying (tall, difficult access etc)
  • Land surveys over water, ice, rocks, similar inhospitable terrain
  • Security surveillance
  • Estate agents property exterior video
  • Garden and estate promotional videos
  • Amusement park promotional footage
  • Business promotional videos
  • Newborn / Injured Animal aerial scouting (Farmland)
  • Aerial photography of panoramas and countryside
  • Tourism promotional videos

Safety / Public Service

  • Weather observation
  • Police aerial observation video (live fpv)
  • Wide aerial missing person search
  • Film access to areas too dangerous to safely send humans
  • Assessing fire and flood damage coverage remotely.

Event Coverage

  • Stock HD Film footage
  • Sports coverage from the air
  • Car pursuit
  • BMX motocross coverage
  • Fireworks from above
  • Unique and interesting event filming (weddings, parties etc)

There will be many applications not listed here. Aerocam don’t currently undertake any commercial work but are in training for BNUC-S accreditation with a view to offering that at some point in the future.

However we are happy to film a lot of locations free of charge, if you are willing to allow us to share flight footage on this blog, so it is worth getting in touch if you are planning something where an aerial view would be an advantage. If it sounds interesting, can be flown legally,  and passes our safety assessment, then the chances are we’ll do it. There is more chance we’ll do it if you provide tea and cake.

Think we can help you ? Drop us a line and ask…