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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Blog, Video

Wind Chasing Episode 3


Take what you can get…

It’s been raining all week, but trees are losing their autumn leaves, and winter is coming, so we take what we can get, and today what we get is sunny but windy. 20 mph constant wind and gusting flurries up to 35 mph, particularly up high. And cold.

Big Heath

So, safely away from dogs and roads and people and buildings, I ventured out to the vast expanse of Iping Heath, off the A272, to get blown about the skies while I get the measure of how my new hex behaves in high wind.

It is fair to say that both the Naza and the T-motors have been tested hard today and both performed admirably, safely tackling 10 consecutive 6-7 min flights involving constant correction and hi revs to try and remain stable in all the blustery air currents.

Amazingly, nothing was hot, not motors or ESC’s, so I’m pleased that it can physically stand up to these things. It can hold position pretty well considering what it was dealing with. Frame went a bit wibbly at some points though. Felt pleased I’m running 4S batteries. Not sure 3S would have coped. It cuts a path through wind in any direction, but struggles to lose height if the wind is pushing it up from below.

Duff Video

Obviously, decent video footage is out of the question in winds like this – we’ll see my gimbal and the naza valiantly try but consistently fail to compensate for the amount of blowing about going on, and let’s face it we’re not doing the sort of flying that lends itself to smooth footage, but from the ground, I was having the best time, so this vid is here to remind me what fun can be had on cold autumn days if you just accept your video isn’t going to be the best…

I uploaded a copy of this vid to see how Google / YouTube’s De-shake tool would deal with the extreme wind action: you can see that version here, which features much less angry music, now the wind isn’t at the forefront…

As we can see, now I’m not thinking about jello, I’m beginning to take more flight risks, so in theory the footage will continue to get more exciting as I continue to do so, until I crash, after which it will stop for a bit.

Fun while it lasts

I hear there is snow coming. Even if I have to improvise a weatherproof solution out of a plastic bag, I will be out in it, capturing the wintery goodness.

Treacherous fens. The terrifying prospect of a slightly wet foot puts walkers on their guard.

Some puddles are bigger than others, however.

A lot of trees from a long way above them.