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Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Blog, Video

The Winter Freeze – PF Lake & White flights

No Business like snow business.

2 vids in one this time, as one really isn’t very good, and yesterday’s flight is just me whazzing about in some real-time snow, so we’ll gloss over that (it’s at the bottom somewhere if you really want to watch it), and get on to today’s, which is much more interesting…

Songs of Fire and Ice (no songs, or fire though)

So, I woke up today to find it had stopped snowing, which meant I could venture further afield than the field by my back garden. To the lake then, which seems the obvious choice, given that Petersfield Town Council have just kindly extended my flying area until March so I can capture the wintery goodness.

So here I am, doing that.

The narrowing waters...

The narrowing waters…

What’s that, Mummy ?

Loads of people, and their children / dogs about, so mostly flew over the lake where they weren’t, and my rigorous preflight checking paid off in that I didn’t fall into the lake at any point. So that’s a win, even if the footage is rubbish :) I have to admit I was chatting to people as I was flying, which resulted in me flying safely, but with no real thought for any decent cinematic moves, so I am resolved to go back at dawn at some point, and do this again.

Having said that, I’m not whinging – today’s videos weren’t too bad at all – a bit shaky in the ever-present wind, but at least it was only 10 mph wind today, so none of that ridiculous buffeting I had flying in the snow last time…

AC1 was still ‘weatherproofed’ with my Heath Robinson Bin Bag / gaffa tape solution, but today I didn’t really need it. The skies were misty but mostly not snowing.

The Ice Caverns (no caverns)

Yes, we are in the unique position of being able to get high above the lake and look down on the ice which is covering about 70% of the lake and is quite thin pretty much all over.

Bit cold down there...

Bit cold down there…

The surface is covered in strange star-shaped holes which I’m guessing form as neighbouring ice sections join together or melt apart, one passer-by suggested they might be caused by ducks farting, but whatever they are, they are certainly interesting to look at.

Spidery snow holes, earlier, almost definitely not caused by ducks farting.

Spidery snow holes, earlier, almost definitely not caused by ducks farting.


Petersfield on high is looking consistently covered but roads are nice and dark generally, showing things are moving about again. Except the road I was on to get here – that was like an ice rink.

Petersfield. Bigger than you'd think.

Petersfield. Bigger than you’d think.

My hex was very well behaved in the cold, so I am beginning to trust it in these adverse conditions, and just enjoy flying round and seeing what there is see…

More like that from me very soon.

And the other one…

Oh, here’s yesterdays snow-flying wind bashing adventures for anyone that really is bored or has a thing for low quality video…